Hello everyone!

My name is Luis and if you’re reading this right now, you may need an explanation.

In a nutshell: I am a rather unorganized and procrastinating person, and I want to solve it (I have been wanting to solve it for ages, actually!). Over the years I have gone through complete self-organization guides. Well, really only one: the GTD method (Getting Things Done) by David Allen. It sounded very well, but honestly I found it far too complicated to apply for my taste. More commonly, I stumble upon tips which sound interesting and try to remember them, but without putting an effort on making them a routine I just end up forgetting them.

What changed now is the following: I found a method which is self-consistent (like GTD and unlike random tips from here and there) and simple (unlike GTD and like… well, you follow me).

It is ZTD (Zen To Done). It’s of course the reason why I name the website like that. The system, because it’s a system, albeit quite versatile (doesn’t ask you to follow some kind of dogma religious and rigorously), is available in here in Kindle format, or in here in PDF format. I won’t explain the system here, I just want you to know what’s going on. If you want to know more just buy the ebook. I read it in 1 hour or less (in the bus) while taking notes. Today I applied it for first time, and it increased my productivity and efficiency quite a lot. And that just by applying a small part of the system. The price of the ebook is so low that I can say that it already paid off after just one day.

And the reason why I created this blog is very simply to keep myself accountable of my process on applying the method. I am the experiment subject, and you, if you want, are the observer.

I am going to apply the system step by step. I am going to explain what I am doing on addressing every point. I am going to be a case study. And hopefully it will take one year or less.

Finally, this is completely opened to anybody who wants to share anything with me. In particular, if you also want to apply the system, I dare you to create your own blog about that, to keep you accountable and comment on your progress here! It would be so much helpful and fun to have someone else doing the same simultaneously.

I hope I made myself clear about my purpose! 🙂


And just to be transparent: I obtain exactly 0.00 commission for the links on this blog. I don’t even know the author. I just find the book helpful.