Today I failed the challenge.

I still have one MIT which I didn’t manage to finish completely. Also, there are still 3 tasks left in my batch list.

My MITs are my Most Important Tasks for the day. I think that I just overloaded my day with too many tasks, I was too greedy. I didn’t calculate the time I need for each task, and I just added new tasks for today until it felt “ok”.

One of the MITs I spent 6 hours doing, and I couldn’t finish! It is one related to my job.

I’ll focus on controlling better the time for each task, and try not to overload my day.

I feel like I did a lot anyway! I literally didn’t stop.

But a fail is a fail:

Day 2:
Wins 1
Fails 1

By the way, did you know that the only real failure is never failing?

Another thing that I realize is how fast my inbox fills. Whenever I’m not doing something, new things to do come to my head. Everytime I have been outdoors, when I reach my laptop again I write down about 5 things in my inbox, or so. I started with it empty this morning. Now it has about 30 or 40 things.

How was your day? Are you having some struggle with your self organization? Post it in the comments! (at least I can tell you what the book ZTD says! :D)

Wish you all the best


Conclusion of the day: Do not overload your list of tasks for the day!