Note from Luis: If you want to read about my challenge, go here. Otherwise, just read the post.

Everything quite fine today.

When I think about what I’m doing, it feels somewhat weird.

The last 3 days I have been writing down whatever idea comes to my head about stuff that I would like to do. I collect all these ideas in a list. Then, once or twice a day I process the elements of the list from top to down. During the morning, when I wake up, I find either one out of two situations:

  1. I completed all my MITs (Most Important Tasks) from the preceding day. I check my Master To-Do list and I pick 2 or 3 MITs and a bunch of batch actions for the same day.
  2. I have one or more MITs left from the previous day. Then the first thing I do is to complete them. Afterwards, I pick actions from my Master To-Do list like in the step before.

Then I act during my day having as a priority the completion of these actions. This is kind of weird, and also kind of cool.

The result is that my day transforms into a succession of actions that I wouldn’t do at all without this system. Having already a list of previously decided actions saves the procrastination during the “intermission” time between actions. And even better, helps you to execute the best and most productive next action.

Today for instance, I organized some of my files in my working file system (some really bulky files were overloading the disk space). Meanwhile I pushed forward my batch actions. During the evening, I cleaned my office cubicle (it desperately needed it). If I didn’t have this system? The hell I would have cleaned it.

Now focusing on the title of the post, I realized that I need to narrow and concrete my 15-days challenge a little. I have two lists of actions that should be acted upon daily: My MITs list, and my batch list. I’ll set my goal to complete all my MIT actions for the day. If I manage to do this, I succeed in the daily challenge. Otherwise, I fail. My batch actions are to be completed all along, but I won’t feel bad if there’s stuff on that list at the end of the day (such as what happened today).

Ok, here it goes:

Day 3:
Wins: 2
Fails: 1