Today I found myself quite procrastinating.

I set my MITs for the day (3), I completed one. I almost completed the second. I didn’t manage to do the third, but instead I “substituted” it by another one which was more at hand at the moment.

I still have a bunch of batch actions in my list. They don’t seem to go down easy.

I have to decide whether consider today a failure or a success. I basically completed three important actions, but I substituted one of the actions for another different (still very important, actually more important, I should say).

To be strict, this would be a failure. So my challenge goes on like this:

Day 4:
Wins: 2
Fails: 2

Things don’t look good for achieving 12 wins out of 15. I only have one life left!

I don’t want to end this post without pointing out something important.

Today, Diablo 3 was launched. Diablo is a series of popular videogames, and honestly it is of no concern to the topic of this blog. It allows me however to hit a (very important) point related to productivity.

It is about crushing it. Keep on reading.

I bought Diablo 3 some time ago, and being experienced in the releases of this company, I expected problems in the installation procedure. When you try to install the game, while you’re badly wanting to play, you’ll face a series of errors and difficulties starting from the downloading of the game, and up to the installation. I remember it happened as well with the release of Starcraft 2, another videogame by the same company. I went through an odyssey to make the game work. Well,the errors are of a 100% technical nature, and as the day goes, the internet forums fill with solutions to solve all conceivable problems that people who is trying to play is encountering. Some of the errors require quite some research to find out a solution. After finding a solution to one problem, it is very likely that you’ll bump into a problem of a completely different nature. Again, you’ll go to the forums to look for solutions! Immediately! You’ll tune the settings of your computer tenths of times, systematically, to find out something that works and allows you to finally play the game.

When you think of it, isn’t it kind of amazing? That you’re able to make all this work, without stopping until you get it done, without paying attention to anything else? Even delaying eating or some other activity?

To me, it is very remarkable. That’s the result of focusing yourself 100% onto something, using all the resources available to complete it, and as soon as possible, just well enough to achieve the goal.

Why do we do that? It is very simple. We want to achieve the goal so badly, that we just crush it. Set goals that turn you crazy and excited. This is the first conclusion of the day.

The second one is… Do not procrastinate trying to install a videogame while you are supposed to be doing something else, or you’ll fail.

What are you crazy about? What turns you 100% on? How can you use that to procrastinate less? Answer these questions in the comments!

I wish you the best