Hey there!

Did you ever feel like not doing something “just because”? Well, what happens then is that you begin to procrastinate, your mind artificially creates excuses to hinder you toward doing whatever your task is.

Not with ZTD (Zen To Done). With ZTD, writing your tasks and ideas in your inbox, processing these tasks by either eliminating them, doing them right there or defer them for later, what actually happens is that after eliminating quite some tasks, and doing a few, you end up with a list of stuff that you just have to do.

I usually just do the things in the order in which I listed them, which is sort of random. And ultimately it is actually FUN! It feels like some sort of videogame, a challenge about how many tasks you can do in one day.

I am in the middle of a challenge to adopt the first two habits of the method ZTD (collect and process). Check the first challenge day here, where it is explained, admittedly quite roughly.

Yesterday I did well, because I completed my list of MITs, although I ended up with quite a lot of tasks in the batch lists (which I emptied today to a large extent). Actually I didn’t set any MITs for today, which leaves me with 0 undone MITs in the end of the day. I’ll admit it may look like kind of cheating, but I did quite some batch tasks, so I’ll consider yesterday and today as successes.

Day 6th:
Wins: 4
Fails: 2

I already set some tasks for tomorrow, so I better go to sleep soon. But before I’ll leave you with something.

The collection habit is the first of the habits of the method. It encompasses, in its simplest form, these principles:

  • Have  a very few amount of places to collect information and papers, and stick to that system.
  • Write things down right away, before you forget, and to empty out your notebook as soon as you get home or to work.

These two guys are what I am doing right now. You can begin applying the other methods before applying the collect habit, but I’d say it makes more sense to begin with this one, so that you collect all your stuff and do not have the feeling that you should be doing something else while applying the other habits. Please note that these two points are directly quoted from ZTD.

Wish you all the best, and see you soon!