I didn’t post for one month, and I failed my challenge.

I failed.

How do you face a failure? I say, do not stress yourself because of a failure, because failure is not only expected sometimes, but natural. Failing is the way that the world has of telling us that:

  1. We are in the right way because we are DOING SOMETHING
  2. We have to learn something else, and that is good to know. Think about it. Being successful by “luck” would be great, but then wouldn’t we be missing something? The opportunity to learn, improve ourselves, and decrease the probability of failing in the future.

So failure is NOT failure. I say that with full resolution. Failure is only real failure if (1) we stop trying, and (2) we don’t take the trouble of learning from it. Failure is part of success. I absolutely love a quote that I found in The Millionaire Fastlane:

Failure is the sweat of success

When I remember it, it always empowers me.

There is another and probably the worst type of failure; never failing (never trying).

So, let’s be specific now:

Two things happen which led me to failure.

  • I overdid with the amount of actions in my batch list.
  • Diablo 3 was launched, which completely messed up my focus.

The batch list is where I am supposed to put daily actions which are relatively short and can be done one after the other. I was doing it wrong. I was putting actions which were too long in my batch list. And I was putting actions there before I finished the ones already there. Simply put, I was being too greedy and impatient.

My batch list accumulated about >50 actions, most of them requiring “quite some time” (maybe half an hour, maybe two hours).

Also, my MITs list contained actions which took far more time than what is available in one day. So again, I was too greedy. I have had the same actions in my MITs list for over a month, without being able to complete them.

Last, Diablo 3 is an addictive and long game. I love playing videogames. Ergo, I devoted some time to the game, without being accountable on that I NEED THAT TIME for my daily actions.

Time is like an asset (it is our most important asset), and it runs out. If you use it irresponsibly, you pay.

After one month of messing things up, I came up with some adjustments to try to improve the situation. These are my solutions:

  • Batch list: I reviewed all my lists, trying to delete as many actions as possible. I managed to bring my batch list from >50 down to 17.
  • MITs: I removed one of my yearly goals (I call them mountains), which was taking a lot of time. I decided not to do that, or to do that in the future.
  • Diablo 3: I decided to treat my time fully like an asset. I count and write down how I use my time. I also decided to use a maximum of seven hours per week to “mess up”, and I count the hours. It’s working so far. for instance, I already exhausted the time for this week so I know that I can’t play anymore until next week, which helps me not to think about it.

Improving is all about little adjustments.

Let’s see how it works for me.

And please, don’t forget to follow this blog, because I’ll be sharing with you the tips that work for me. Write a suggestion or a question down in the comments below and I’ll give you feedback.

I wish you a great time.