This is what the book ZTD says. And I tested it.

I let my list of batch actions to pile up, and I’m sure I’m doing something wrong on that. Yesterday, I emptied my list as much as possible until reaching 17 actions. Right now I have 25 things there waiting, although I completed a small number of them.

Apparently, things are not going exactly right, and I realized that this is because I am trying to overdo things.

In the beginning of this blog, I set a challenge, which would consist on following the habits of COLLECT and PROCESS during at least 12 days.

These habits involve:

  1. Collecting your ideas and things to do in your inboxes (and having the smallest possible number of inboxes) whenever they “happen”.
  2. Processing the inboxes using a concise process in this order of preference:
  • Delete if possible
  • Delegate to someone else if possible
  • Do it right now, if it takes less than 2 minutes
  • Defer it for later
  • File it if it’s information that may be useful in the future
  • Empty inbox up to down, and to zero, empty, nada

These are the only things to do, involving the two first habits. Nothing more. Nothing about MITs, nothing about doing all my batch actions in one day. Nothing about actually doing the stuff. Only collect and process, collect and process, collect and process.

That’s what the challenge should have been about. Facepalm.

And really, I have been doing the collect and process thing all the time.

In the next post (probably tomorrow) I’ll set a new challenge involving the next habit: PLAN

Thank you for the time you gave me while reading this. I wish you a wonderful time.

NOTE: As I somehow need to do my actions anyway, I expect that I have already been applying some sort of PLAN and DO habits. We’ll see how difficult is applying these. I can already advance that the PLAN habit will force me to resolve the failure in completing the daily actions that I have been experiencing.