The result to my DO challenge is: 169 points! (check the original post here).

Far below the win goal. I don’t call it extreme failure, because… well, because I was trying. Anyway, it’s about half the way, which is not so bad.

But I still have to nail down a bit the DO habit. Particulary to what timed bursts refers. DOing is an art in itself, and is not mastered so easily.

This is what I’ve learned:

One must learn to do the minimum necessary to be effective. Yes, when things could be better, believe it or not it’s not about working harder, it’s about optimizing and reducing to the essentials (work smart). Carefully analyze what you’re doing. Is it necessary? In other words, will something very bad happen if you don’t do it? If not, don’t do it. Do exactly the minimum possible for things to come out right.

This is contrary to all what is commonly said. Work more, work hard, do more, multitask! I say that all that is moronic.

But doing the opposite is not easy. We’re so much inclined to waste time in futile work, and that is because we have 8 hours work days no matter what. Just to quote something that appears in the 4 Hour Work Week: How is it possible that every professional in the world needs exactly 8 hours every day to complete his/her daily work?

I say, be like a surgery knife. Cut exactly where you have to, do it fast, and get the fuck out.

That said, although I’ll keep on improving on DOing, I’ll be already checking the next habit, #5: SIMPLE TRUSTED SYSTEM (STS).

Where half the way! I’m excited!

See you over here.