Hi all,

For the last weeks (or months…), I have been neglecting to put in practice the ZTD system (or the habits I had went through), which does not make me feel confortable.

I think that the main problem which led me to the current situation is having to many lists, too many things in my lists, and too many daily things to do with my lists. As a consequence, I ended up losing focus, and I became more and more loose in applying the habits.

Incidentally, talking about applying habits, this blogpost by Leo Babauta is pure gold.

Piles and piles of things to do have been gathering dust in my lists for ages now, I hardly ever pay attention to the daily activities regarding these lists (e.g. review them) that I set on my google calendar account, and the whole thing seems to be completely messed up.

That’s why I decided to restart. Yes, RESTART. I’ll do it however slightly different than before:

  • I’ll apply one habit, not per month, but per week.
  • I’ll being with the minimalistic ZTD (more about that in next blogpost). I will consider this my first habit to apply. Edit: Actually, everything about the minimal ZTD is here.
  • I’ll learn the habits in the way which is most useful to me. What I need most critically now are the habits of doing and planning (in particular, allocating a time frame to my actions), so that’s what I’ll be doing first.

Heads up and see you soon! 😀