I kept the Minimal ZTD for a few days, and it’s simplicity is just elegant. One Inbox list, one Master todo list, one MITs list. That’s all you need.

I’ve been also keeping a BIG ROCKS list, and an @Errands list, for convenience. So that’s basically how my Evernote shortcuts list looks like now:

Evernote shortcuts


The numbers are for me to keep the notes ordered in a particular order, because I order them by name.

I didn’t keep track of anything, but I am happy and confortable about how it works now. Note that by having the @Errands list, I include something from the Simple Trusted System (Habit 5, read more). I’ll only add more things from this habit if I see that I need them.

Tip: Only add these habits that you know you need. If you don’t know, try them out and figure out.

I am jumping straight into the next habit. Enter number 6, ORGANIZE. Yeah.

Organize, consists on having things clean and ordered. Having “a place for everything, and everything in its place”. There are some things about it that I already do, like putting incoming stuff in my inbox, having a simple filing system, labeling stuff…

Some other things I only partially do and could be improved:

  • Find a home: Everything should have a place/home where it goes. If something has no home, create it.
  • Put it away immediately: Don’t leave put things in their home for later. Do it now. I’ll need work on this…
  • Pay attention to transitions: Use the time between one action and the next (“transitions”) to put things away.
  • Keep flat surfaces clear: Speaks by itself. It implies the desk, the couch, the bed…

I’ll leave a week to assess this habit.

Did you try this habit? How did it work? Any tip? How do you organize your stuff?

See you next time.