Hi, I’m Luis.

This blog is about me applying Zen To Done (ZTD).
And what is ZTD? It is a productivity method (the “Ultimate Simple Productivity System”) created by Leo Babauta. Created and used first for his own benefit, he made it public in the form of an ebook. It takes what works best for the author, from several other productivity sytems, and in particular from the well-known Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen.
I do agree with Leo that GTD may present a drawback: It is rather complicated to apply. The GTD system requires a large amount of habits to be adopted, a lot of tools, a huge amount of organization, and considerable process. That’s the reason why ZTD, instead strives for simplicity.
GTD also strives to get all done and don’t miss anything, which results in never-ending lists of things to do. ZTD, instead, eliminates as much as possible, focusing only on the essential and important.

For these reasons, and after failing on applying GTD (two times), I decided to read this book and follow the method that it suggests, or at least give it a try.

In a nutshell, the method tells you to adopt 10 self-consistent productivity habits that are supposed, once adopted, to make you an efficient, productive, un-procrastinating and organized person. I can almost feel how you want to be like that. Everyone does, because if we manage to follow such a lifestyle, we are going to be able to make whatever we wish or strive for.

One of the suggestions of the book is “to make yourself accountable”. Make your plans public. Say that you’re gonna do it. Another prevalent suggestion is to challenge yourself into something. Set one daily habit, challenge yourself to follow it every day, and record if you fail or not.

These are two reasons why I started this blog. I definitely want to succeed, and I’ll use whatever tools I can to accomplish it.

The other reason is to share it with everyone who wants to read it, so that maybe what I learn is useful to others.

Here we go, let’s get started!

Here you have a link to the ZTD site.
By the way, I found this tool in the list of resources of Pocket Changed by Caleb Wojcik. I’m sure that the other resources are also useful, but I don’t know them. Do you?