During the next 7 days I’ll apply the minimal ZTD. This is a minimalistic version of the ZTD habits, with only the essential for the system to work. Read the original blogpost by Leo Babauta to know what it is.

To accomplish this I have to do the following:

  • I have to fast process my lists into a master to-do list. My lists right now have like hundreds of items, so for the sake of easiness, I will file them and ignore them for the time being, which means that I’ll start with a pure clean empty master to-do list of love and joy.
  • I’ll have to keep my inboxes clean, emptying them at least once a day. If not, I get eaten by angry purple weasels from Thailand.
  • To empty my inboxes, I have to process them. And DELETE is the default option. I must put myself into this, since it is so difficult to delete my own ideas. But I don’t do anything with them in the end, so what would be the difference, right?
  • I have to plan my BIG ROCKS (once a week) and MITs (once a day, either in the beginning of the day, or in the end, for the next day).
  • I have to do the MITs, of course. This is actually the most important thing, far above the rest. The whole purpose of a productivity system is doing what you choose to do.

Hopefully this is simple enough that I will follow it. I believe that procrastination is my greatest final foe now.

-Ties a headband to his forehead, fits in his boxing gloves- See you in one week.