I’ve been always a sleepyhead. It’s not that I sleep a lot, it’s that I hardly have any control at all on my sleeping schedule. I don’t control it, it controls me. Often I make plans for the next day: “tomorrow I’ll wake up at 8, and I’ll prepare a wonderful breakfast”, or “I’ll wake up at 7 and go running for 10 minutes, then I’ll write a blog post while having breakfast, and then I’ll go to work”, and so on. I do this once every 3 days, likely.

The next day, invariably, I turn off the alarm and continue sleeping for 1 to 3 hours more. Plans to hell in the process.

Today, by oversleeping (I didn’t really oversleep, I just went to bed far too late), I neglected helping a friend who needed hands to move furniture, and I was committed to help.

Then, I realized that if I want to have control, I must conquer this sleepiness.

I begin deciding to use this to set action and to evaluate how much sleep I need: http://www.wikihow.com/Know-How-Much-Sleep-You-Need

My plan: I wake up at 7 am everyday for the next 2 weeks. I go to bed when I’m sleepy. A reference time to go to bed is at 11 pm, so 8 hours sleep. I’ll keep a daily log, and if I fail, you can mock me. I’ll edit this post as time goes. If I fail, I’ll further experiment to figure out how to solve the problem.

Present mission: I go to bed at 11 pm, and wake up at 7 am, for 6 days in a row.

Day: waking hour (+/- 10 min accuracy)

13-1-13: 7:00
14-1-13: 8:30 >> I set the alarm in the wrong way! (long story…)
15-1-13: 7:00
16-1-13: 7:10
17-1-13: 7:50
18-1-13: 7:00
19-1-13: 7:00
20-1-13: 8:10 (luxury day? I consciously remained in bed longer)
21-1-13: 7:00
22-1-13: 7:00
23-1-13: 7:00
24-1-13: 8:00
25-1-13: 7:30
26-1-13: 7:30 (I turn off the alarm and go back to bed. Tsk. Never do that)
27-1-13: 7:00
28-1-13: 7:00
29-1-13: 7:00
30-1-13: 7:00

At this point, I should begin experimenting with going to bed when I am sleepy, hoping that my body knows at what time it must go to bed to be able to naturally wake up at 7:00 am. Actually, at 11:00 pm I feel pretty tired. Let’s see.

I’ll continue keeping a log of my sleep. I am not sure if I’ll keep doing it in the same way, but this worked so far, so why changing it?

31-1-13: 6:50
1-2-13: 7:00
2-2-13: 9:10 (cheat day? If tomorrow I don’t wake up at 7, rocks fall upon me)
3-2-13: 7:30
4-2-13: 7:30

At this point, I decide to simply indicate it if I don’t wake up at 7:00 am.

7-2-13: 9:00
8–10-2-13: 9:00 (on holiday with friends)
11-2-13: 4:30 (to take a plane)
12-2-13: 10:00 (post holiday-day)
16-2-13: 8:00
17-2-13: 10:00 (! Most likely, because I went to bed past o:oo am. It looks like I need to go to bed at around 23:00 to make this sustainable. For the next 2 days, I’ll go to bed at 0:00 am to test it.)
18-2-13: 8:30 (after going to bed at 0:37 am, obviously it’s 8 hours)
19-2-13: 7:30
20-2-13: 7:30
22-2-13: 7:30
23-2-13: 9:30 (this is what happens if you go to bed two hours later than planned)
24-2-13: 10:00 (not setting my alarm, and going to bed later than usual)
26-2-13: 7:30
2-3-13: 9:00 (my alarm didn’t sound -for unknown reasons-. I must set another alarm.)
5-3-13: 8:20 (my other alarm did not sound, who knows why. Is the universe conspiring against me waking up?)
6-3-13: 8:00 (because I go to bed at 0:00. From now on, as long as I sleep 8 hours, I won’t keep track)

I got miscarried (woke up almost at 11 today!). Apparently, logging my sleeping habits here helps me. My goal is to stand up at 7 am and to go to bed at 11 pm, every day.

23-3: Woke up at 11. Goal for tomorrow: wake up at 10. This means, going to bed at 2 am.
24-3: Woke up at 10. Good. Next day, wake up at 9, and so on.
25-3: Woke up at 9:30.
26-3: Went to bed @ 12:00, woke up @ 10:00 (!!). Possible reason: eating chocolate heavy cake before sleeping.
27-3: Went to bed @ 12:00, woke up @ 9:30 (!). Chocolate cake might be able to bring me down. It may be possible.
28-3: 9:30.
29-3: 10:00